10 Types of Profitable Service Businesses

Types of Profitable Service Businesses

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean making a business sell well. You can also sell services with potential profits that are no less interesting. A service business is a type of business that sells or trades services or services. Of course, there are no physical products for sale if you end up running this type of business.

The services that can be offered in a service business are very diverse. Sometimes for those who do not understand, the services traded seem very abstract, but have benefits for people who buy these services. Examples of service businesses themselves are numerous, ranging from selling cleaning services to selling services in the form of skills or expertise.

You can even start some types of service businesses with zero rupiah capital. Some other types of service businesses do require capital that may not be small. But in the end, the benefits of services with any capital are very tempting. The following are some examples of service businesses that you can consider to get a promising profit.

Types of Service Businesses with Profitable Opportunities

1. Private tutoring service business

A private tutoring service business is a type of service business that you can say does not require any capital at all. Importantly, you have the ability to private tutoring material. You don’t always have to take lessons, you can also make private lessons according to your expertise, such as private cooking lessons, private piano lessons, or vocal lessons.

Don’t think this service business can’t grow. Once you have a large enough market, you can expand your business by recruiting your friends to become private tutors. You provide the market, they just teach. You can apply a commission system, such as 80 percent for teachers and 20 percent for you. Alternatively, you can set an hourly tuition fee for your teacher.

2. Translation Service Business

You may think that in this technological age, there is no longer a need for translator services. Who says it? There are still many institutions and individuals who require sworn translation services. This is to ensure that the translation results are truly valid and the data from the translated document is not leaked if it is classified as important.

Of course, you need to take a sworn translator service certificate to get to this large market whose service fees are quite high. It would be even better if you study the languages of certain general fields, such as economics, technology, or medicine, which usually have specific vocabulary related to these fields.

3. Writing Services Business

The name is just a writing service business, the thing that is being sold is your ability to write. This type of service business is formed from the existence of clients who require certain writings sequentially and understandably. Generally, clients will ask you to write articles in the form of articles. Although several subtypes of this one service business can also be ghostwriters for book writing. The recent trend is that writing service businesses can expand into content creation for social media.

It’s not just writing skills that you need to create this one service business. More than that, you must have the will to study various topics, considering that later your clients will come from various disciplines with requests for writing related to their respective fields. You can start running this service business by submitting your portfolio to a freelancer platform which generally does not have a registration fee.

4. Website Development Service Business

The development of the technology and information sector makes more and more people need a website or website, both for agency needs and personal needs. The number of websites worldwide is currently around 2 billion with a significant upward trend. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a profit.

You can create a website creation service business to capture this profit opportunity. It’s just that to run this example of a service business, you need to have the ability from the technology side to the design. You can learn it through various classes or self-taught.

Types of Profitable Service Businesses
Types of Profitable Service Businesses

5. Delivery Service Business

Have you ever entrusted an item to someone else to get a product that was really in demand, but was not available in your city? This is an example of a service business in the form of a safekeeping service for the purchase of goods. Of course, you can also start this business even with a capital of 0 rupiahs.

This type of service business is suitable for those of you who like to travel or who have flexible mobility. You can market typical products from the area you are visiting. You can also offer a delivery service for the purchase of viral products and are usually a necessary effort to queue long if want to get it. Where is the market from? Start with your friends and relatives, then expand the market through social media networks.

6. Photography Service Business

Starting a service business on this one does require a large amount of capital. At least, you must have a capable camera to be able to produce photos with good quality. If you already have it, then you just need to find a market that suits the service business you want to be in.

There are many sectors that photography services can enter. You can open a wedding photo service or for formal events. More specifically, you can open a food photo service business or merchandise. This business that requires photography skills can generate tremendous turnover if taken seriously.

7. Laundry Service Business

Washing does sound simple, but not everyone has the time to do it, especially in big cities like Jakarta. You can make this an opportunity to open a service business in the form of laundry or laundry.

Don’t think you have to have big funds to rent a place first to start this one business. You can start from home business by using the washing machine you have. As demand increases, you can add washing machines to your specifications. In addition to laundry for clothes, you can also take a more specific sector, namely a special laundry business for shoes.

8. Baby Massage Service Business

Have you ever imagined a business whose profit can be more than 80 percent of your investment? Of course, it is very fun and you can get this if you run a baby massage service business.

The need for baby massage at this time is very large. You can start this type of business from home. What you need to do is take a baby massage class so that your business is certified so that it will attract more people because it feels safe and comfortable. If you have enough capital, complete your baby massage service business with a baby spa. The capital will indeed increase, but fortunately, it can also widen.

9. Vehicle Service Business

If you can service vehicles, there is nothing wrong with opening a service business in the form of a mobile repair shop. This business in the vehicle service sector is sure to sell well, considering that urgent conditions, such as a strike, can happen anywhere and you are not necessarily a place for service that can be stopped at that time.

The market for this service business is large, considering that based on data from the Central Statistics Agency, the number of motorized vehicles in Indonesia in 2020 has reached 133 million units. Make sure when you decide to run a vehicle service business, you focus on one type of motor vehicle, motorcycle or car. This is because the service tools you need to service each type of motor vehicle can be very different.

10. Pet Care Service Business

Currently, the number of pet lovers is increasing. Take this as an opportunity to open a pet care service business. The capital is indeed quite large, but fortunately no less tempting.

You can open a grooming service business in the form of grooming. If you have enough space and manpower, you can also open an animal daycare center. Don’t be surprised if the market can be huge.


Opening your own business means that you do not get health protection from the agency. Whereas on the other hand, an entrepreneur will be very strict regarding time and energy so the risk of getting sick is also great. Having personal health insurance is the best way to protect yourself and the continuity of your service business.

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