Know the Types of Diamonds and Their Prices

Know the Types of Diamonds and Their Prices

If you want to know more about the types of diamonds, then it is the right decision. Especially if you are a person who likes high-value items, luxury items, and items that have an elegant image such as diamonds. Of course, it will have an impact on whether the price of diamonds will be high or not.

In general, diamonds are often an instrument or tool for making investments that are often used by women. Because, the value of goods is so high, expensive but the value will always be stable.

In essence, diamonds are one of the many options that you can choose as an investment that is quite guaranteed. However, if an investor is not smart in the process of choosing, then you as an investor may be trapped in a luxurious lifestyle full of falsehoods.

Because, until now many fake diamonds are circulating in the community. Based on this, of course, you have to know in more detail about what types of diamonds are along with the characteristics of real diamonds, of course, so that you are much more careful and so that you can be a careful person, especially in choosing.

Diamonds at a Glance

Diamonds are diamonds that have been completed through the stages of the polishing process along with the cutting process, which is adjusted to the 4C, namely a cut, color, carat & clarity.

This diamond is a mineral that has the hardest properties, diamonds are also very beautiful because they have a unique thing that can reflect light, making this increasingly attractive attraction very attractive to anyone who sees it.

All the beauty that the diamond has to offer, of course, is not present like that. Diamonds are made of pure carbon, i.e. there are carbon atoms in the diamond that have been bonded tightly, it will make the diamond feel hard like stone.

When observed based on the content of diamond substances, it can be said that the diamond has a substance that is very difficult to like. This is because the sparkle emitted by diamonds is the result of a combination of light reflection, dispersion, and refraction. In short, consider the emission of light that will pass through the diamond and then refract the light.

Then, the refraction of light will be reflected if part of the side at the bottom of the stone and the top of the stone. Then when it is refracted, the light will be refracted to a slightly different angle or dispersion.

Although the basic information about diamonds is now out of your head, there is nothing wrong if you know more about the characteristics of real diamonds. This is very useful for you especially, if you are considering a plan to buy diamonds. Here’s the review.

First, a real diamond will not be scratched easily, because the texture of the diamond itself is less soft, then, a real diamond can make scratches on all objects, it can even scratch on glass.

Second, based on the number of types of diamonds, red diamonds have become the rarest and even high-value diamonds, reaching thousands of US dollars per carat.

Third, a real diamond can of course reflect its light on all sides of a diamond.

Fourth, it has a reflection that tends to be less clear, because at all angles it cannot refract light in a straight line, but on a line to another center.

Fifth, diamonds that are not fake certainly cannot fog up, because diamonds have the character of being a heat conductors, the heat will disperse in just a matter of seconds.

Types of Diamonds

  • White Diamond

First, the white diamond is a type of diamond with the most presence in all corners of the country. Because white diamonds are often found and are more widely used as gems found in most wedding rings.

In addition, white diamonds are more of a choice for special gifts for loved ones. You can even adjust the size according to your tastes and needs.

Know the Types of Diamonds and Their Prices
Know the Types of Diamonds and Their Prices
  • Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamonds are often referred to as Canary Diamonds, yellow diamonds are yellow, which is interpreted by people as a symbol of eternal happiness.

Although Yellow Diamond has a yellow base color, this diamond has various types of yellow overall, from light yellow to canary yellow with a very dark color. However, please note that if the color is a strong dark yellow, then the value will increase.

  • Orange Diamond

Orange Diamond is very famous for diamonds providing a symbol of success & creativity. The distinctive orange color is very clear, it must steal the attention of anyone who sees it, especially women. You need to know, that there are so many colors that are presented, namely fancy orange to vivid orange color which is a character by dense colors and visible.

  • Purple Diamond

Next to number 4, there is Purple Diamond. Based on the name alone, there is no need to ask anymore, this diamond is purple, not only ordinary purple but the purple color is very beautiful and stunning.

You need to know, if the purple color is the original color of a real diamond or if it is not a creation of human hands. Therefore, purple diamonds are not diamonds that are easily available on the market. In addition, there are mines throughout the countries that have managed to find purple diamonds, namely the Argyle Mine, located in Australia.

  • 4C Real Diamond

Each diamond has its characteristics. In general, diamonds that can be interpreted in a 4C way are weight or can be called carat weight, then cut or cut, then there are clarity or clarity, and finally color or color. 

First, the most important is the carat which refers to the weight of the diamond and has a large symmetrical diameter of the diamond. However, don’t get me wrong, if the carat of a diamond is large, then it is certain that the value is high and the width of the diameter of the diamond. Why is that, because a diamond that has a shallower cut will have a larger diameter than a diamond that has the same carat weight, but has a fairly deep cut?

Second, cut or cut, because a good cut in a diamond can have an impact on the appearance of a diamond’s luster.

Third, clarity or clarity. If stones are slipping inside or inclusions and if there are defects on the outside of the diamond such as scratches and black dots, this can result in a reduction in the clarity of the diamond.

Fourth, the color of the original or natural diamond, with the characteristic of varying colors, in terms of transparency, if there is a slightly yellow color or even close to brown, it will affect the value of the diamond.

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