Know 5 Ways to Build Good Relationships with Customers

Build Good Relationships with Customers. As the saying goes “customer is king”, it is important for you to build good relationships with customers. In a business, customers do play an important role to increase revenue from time to time.

Without customers, businesses will certainly experience slow development. Therefore, one of the keys to success in running a business is to prioritize customers.

Then, about how to build a relationship with them to stay good? Don’t worry, here Glints has it covered for you.

1. Fulfill Their Expectations

Every customer will usually expect something great from the product or service you offer. To get around this, you must continue to develop the products or services offered by the company.

For example, your product is damaged in certain parts. Immediately fix the problem so as not to disappoint the customer. In addition, make sure that your service to customers is very friendly. This is done so that customers will want to come back to buy your product in the future.

One of the friendly services that you can use is related to shipping goods. The faster it is, the more customers will like it so that it can increase the customer retention rate.

2. Asking for Feedback

The second way to build relationships with customers is to ask for their feedback. What does feedback mean? Well, feedback here means criticism or suggestions from customers regarding your product.

According to Broadly, you can ask for feedback from customers in two ways, namely surveys and online reviews. To create online surveys, you can use various tools, such as Survey Monkey, Google Forms, and so on.

Arrange some questions that essentially ask for feedback on your product or service, then give it to the customer to fill in.

In addition to online surveys, you can also request them through online reviews which are usually listed in e-commerce. Customers usually like to express opinions regarding the products they have received. From this feedback, you can find solutions for your product to make it more popular with customers in the future.

3. Reward

Build Good Relationships with Customers
Build Good Relationships with Customers

Old customers certainly want an award for their loyalty to your product. There is nothing wrong with giving awards such as discounts, points, or other ways.

For example, loyal customers will get coins and later these coins can be exchanged for prizes.

With a program like that, customers will be happy with the way you treat them.

4. Intense Communication

Customers will not be happy with a company that only relies on one-way communication. They prefer to be invited to communicate directly. Involve customers in communication and listen to what they want from the product or service you offer.

Make sure that every complaint or suggestion from a customer is immediately answered as soon as possible to increase their satisfaction.

5. Active on Social Media

Another way to build relationships with customers is to be active on social media. Currently, there are several social media platforms that you can use such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Try to always be active on social media by providing content that can give customer satisfaction. There is nothing wrong with building two-way communication through social media. Do this consistently. Do not let you stop in the middle of the road because it can cause customers to leave your business.

Here are five ways you can build good relationships with customers. Always prioritize customers in your business so that it can run smoothly in the long term. In addition to this information, you can get other tips on building customer relationships, you know from Glints.

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