The Importance of Life Insurance in Daily Life

The Importance of Life Insurance in Daily Life. Life insurance is very important for families. This is because life insurance is a protection for the family if one day there is a bad possibility that might occur which causes the loss of a person’s life. These are the various importance of life insurance that my friends must understand.

The Importance of Having Life Insurance

happy and comfortable families realize the importance of life insurance protection

For those of you who don’t have life insurance, you need to consider this. Because judging from the benefits that exist, it will be very helpful later on. Because it is financial protection for class families, of course having life insurance will be very important. Here are some important points of life insurance:

1. Insurance instead of income

Life insurance is protection for the bereaved family in case something bad might happen. Here insurance acts as a substitute for income after the individual dies. This means that later if it happens later the family left behind will receive compensation from the insurance paid.

2. Insurance as a Means of Financing Dependents and Other Finances

Death comes at any time and can’t be planned. Therefore, someone needs to have insurance if one day the individual dies and has dependents or loans for motorbikes, cars, credit card debt, and others.

The money from the life insurance policy can be used by the surviving family to pay off these financial obligations. Without insurance, the family may have difficulty with the expenses left behind and again if the dependents are not small.

3. Insurance as Final Cost Dependent

Funerals also cost a lot of money. The existence of a life insurance policy, of course, can help the family with financing related to a series of funeral processes.

4. Insurance Can Be Purchased at Low Rates

Individuals can purchase insurance at a low cost at a young and healthy age. This is because when buying insurance it will also be adjusted to the needs and conditions of a person. For example, if an individual buys insurance in their 30s, the costs are also relatively large compared to someone who buys insurance in their 20s. This is because of thinking about the risks that may occur and also the health condition of a person due to age.

Then whether the benefits obtained are proportional to the amount of premium paid? So obviously this would be very comparable. The premium you pay later will be very useful protection for you and your family’s life in the future. Well, you can get the best life insurance products through Klikasuransiku.

Klikasuransiku is a platform that you can use to buy the best insurance products from PT. Sinar Mas Life Insurance. With Klikasuransiku, you can get the protection that is proportional to the amount of premium you pay. An example of the simulation is as follows:

When you buy a platinum package of personal life insurance with a sum insured of IDR 5,000,000, then you will then be referred to as the recipient of protection. Well, when the recipient of accident protection is in the insurance period and is hospitalized, it will be reimbursed for Rp. 500,000/year.

If the recipient of accident protection during the insurance period results in total disability, the total disability compensation obtained is Rp. 5,000,000 and after that, the insurance ends. However, if the beneficiary dies not from an accident during the insurance period, the beneficiary (family) will receive compensation of Rp. 5,000,000 and after the insurance ends.

From this simulation, it can be concluded that the benefits you will get are proportional to the amount of premium you pay. Because when you have an accident that can carry a risk to death, the premium you have paid can help the risk coverage process.

When is the Right Time to Buy Life Insurance?

The Importance of Life Insurance
The Importance of Life Insurance

Young age provides lower premium prices

Before deciding to buy life insurance, one needs to know the types of life insurance that exist. Life insurance has several types that can be purchased and adapted to existing needs. Most types of life insurance are also determined by a person’s health.

Therefore, it is also not uncommon that before choosing the type of life insurance, a person will conduct a health examination to determine their general level of health. This is because the results of the examination will also be used to determine the amount of premium to be paid. For someone with a young age, of course, you can get a relatively lower premium.

So in conclusion, the best time to buy life insurance is when you are young and productive. Because the amount of premium you pay can be lower and protection against future risks can be more mature.

So, those are some of the important benefits of life insurance as protection for yourself and your family. It is important to have life insurance and it would be better if it was prepared from a young age, considering that your body is still healthy and your dependents will have the opportunity to get a relatively lower premium payment. So, make sure you protect yourself with life insurance!

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