11 Ways to Make Money from Tiktok with Minimal Capital

Ways to Make Money from Tiktok with Minimal Capital. How to get money can be done in various ways, even through the internet. Many social media platforms can be used to earn money.

One of them is the TikTok application. It is undeniable that TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed, since its first debut in 2016. Apparently, there is a way to make money from TikTok.

Currently, there are many TikTok celebs or TikTokers, and influencers who have managed to make a lot of money through their TikTok accounts. Not only them, but everyone also earns from TikTok.

So, for those who ask why my TikTok can’t make money? Better take a look at some ways to make money from TikTok, below!

How to Make Money from TikTok

1. Create a Brand

According to the Forbes page, the first step for TikTok to make money is to create a brand. Branding is the first step to starting business marketing.

With branding, the public will know who you are, what your product is, who is your target market, and so on. Well, because we want to make money from TikTok, that means you have to brand yourself with the type of video that you are going to post.

You can determine the type of video you make for branding. For example, what about entertaining and funny videos? Or with a romantic atmosphere? It comes back again depending on how you want people and companies to see you.

2. Post-Most Viewed Content

If you are confused about what TikTok content you want to make, you can post content that is watched by many people, aka content that is liked. Besides you can choose the type of content that is characteristic of branding, you can also do it this way.

To attract many viewers, the content you create must also be fresh or newer, interesting, and unique.

3. Consistently Posting Content

So that branding can be done optimally, you also need to be consistent in posting videos. If we want to be known by many people like influencers on social media, we need to be consistent in posting.

Becoming an influencer on social media also requires a lot of effort to be able to earn money. So, try to prepare a new video every day.

4. Get as many followers as possible

The more you create interesting and unique content, the more users will get to know you. From there, maybe you will get more social media followers.

Having a lot of followers is important. You have to do the previous steps and steps properly.

As reported by the Forbes page, the number of followers to make money from Tiktok ranges from 10,000 to 1 million followers. This amount is required before you can monetize your TikTok account.

The way to get a lot of followers on Tiktok is to understand what your target market wants to see or watch and often upload quality content consistently.

5. Use TikTok to Advertise Products

Advertising products is another way to make money from Tiktok. Create a TikTok post that showcases a product or your own.

Where you also have to create content that informs product details by making it more unique. Also, make sure you include a link to the online store in your account bio.

6. Become an Influencer

Across all social media platforms, today many companies hire influencers. This is what is known as influencer marketing.

Influencers will be asked to post content to promote their products/services/brands. This marketing strategy is carried out in the hope of generating more sales.

In various videos, influencers will build their branding with their appearance and characteristics. For example, acting funny and silly, annoying, cool, and many more.

7. Create Sponsored Content

Citing the Oberlo page, sponsored content is another way to make money from a TikTok account. A brand from a company will approach you or you will approach them to make an offer.

Later in return, they will pay you. You can start by working with a small brand, to build your portfolio.

For example, reach out to MSME businesses or local businesses in the area to see if they are duko in advertising on TikTok. But, if you prefer to pay high fees and create a brand that comes to you, you might consider joining the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM).

TCM is a collaboration platform that allows brands to connect and run marketing campaigns with TikTokers. However, to join TCM, you must have more than 100,000 followers, be at least 18 years old, and have more than 100,000 video likes in the last 28 days to register.

8. Live on TikTok to Get a Virtual Gift

Dekkers, who play TikTok, must often see people doing live or live broadcasts, right? One of the things they do is to collect virtual gifts from the audience or their followers.

This way of making money from TikTok can be done by all users. Later, the virtual gift given can be exchanged by the TikTok account owner.

You do this by following the payment by the currency that applies there. That way, we can earn money from TikTok by doing live streaming as often as possible.

9. Drive Sales through TikTok Ads

You can use TikTok ads to direct users to your online store website or TikTok shopping account. You can create image ads in your feed that promote products.

In addition, you can also be creative with top-view ads (full-screen takeovers) to increase your TikTok followers. Both ways can help make money on TikTok.

10. Become a TikTok Consultant

Ways to Make Money from Tiktok with Minimal Capital
Ways to Make Money from Tiktok with Minimal Capital

Well, if you can do the first step very well, you might be considered an expert on TikTok. Where it can open up opportunities to become a TikTok consultant.

The reason is that you already understand a lot of all things TikTok, of course, there will be many who need guidance from you. Thus, there may be someone or even a company that will hire you as a TikTok consultant.

You will be paid to help them create their marketing strategy on TikTok. The goal is to build a brand and increase its followers.

11. Start Creating a TikTok Talent Management Agency

Well, after you understand a lot about TikTok and are interested in talent management, production, and social media marketing, you can create a business to manage famous TikTokers accounts.

This agency is a very helpful service for people who go viral, so they can have more followers than before. That’s where we come in as talent managers. That way, talent management agencies can help TikTok influencers to:

Find partnerships with brands that match the image and interests of their followers Negotiating a deal. Create a content strategy to maximize the exposure and engagement of TikTok Influencers Find exciting new ways to make money, (for both parties). Keep in mind, ers, making money on social media is also not as easy as you think. There needs to be confidence and consistency. Hard work will pay off, so don’t give up, and keep up the good work.

Well, that was the explanation of tips and ways to make money from TikTok. Are you interested in trying it, so that your TikTok account can make money? Good luck!

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