THINK POSITIVE IN FOREX TRADING, The forex market is a “creature” that is actually mysterious. Maybe like an auto rickshaw in the capital, no one knows where it will turn. That’s why often in our forex trading journey we feel the market doesn’t move according to our wishes. It is also possible that at that time doubts began to appear, “Is it true that I can make success with forex?”

Success. The word is a destination for anyone: students, university students, auto-rickshaw drivers, businessmen, and of course traders. The thing is, being successful can’t be instant. We need a process to develop skills as traders. Therein lies the challenge, remembering that as a trader you must deal with an uncertain market every day. Not to mention non-technical factors as a human being, of course, you are used to dealing with social problems such as lousy co-workers, children, and wives who demand attention, debts, dark girlfriends…

How you deal with various problems – as a human being who is also a trader – will determine the direction of your trading career. Success, or even worse?

Think positively

I’m sure there was a time when you just lost a few tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars on a loss. Maybe at that time you were in the lowest psychological condition and thought, “Ah… if I knew this, I would not trade. It would be better if my money was used to buy a car or land.”

If you’ve ever been – or maybe are – in such a condition, then that’s the right time to take a break and try to dig back your optimism through a more positive way of thinking. Trust me, if at that time you met a successful forex trader he would say to you, “I’ve been in a position like you. It is moments like these that determine the direction of your choice. But I managed to change my mindset and think as positively as I could in every situation. That is what matters to a trader.”

How do be able to think positively?

In fact, you have to start with yourself. It might sound silly and cliché, but try to start your day with renewed enthusiasm (similar to Pertamina’s slogan, huh?).
Have you ever attended a motivational seminar? You may also be skeptical, but you can try the tricks to increase “positive energy” which are usually held at such seminars. One way is to say positive sentences to yourself. For example, “I am optimistic that today I can make a profit.” Oh yes, don’t forget to say it with passion.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts

There are positives, and of course, there are negatives. Positive thoughts will lose if you still have negative thoughts. Then, you need to get rid of negative thoughts. If you succeed in doing that then by itself positive thoughts will fill your brain.
The market is always moving up and down; as said earlier, he is mysterious. No one can know for sure where it will move. The possibility of experiencing loss certainly cannot be eliminated. Thus surely your trading achievements will also experience ups and downs. All forex traders experience this.

Yes, all without exception. So, if indeed all traders experience this, how can there be people who can become successful traders? Yes, they have experienced this too.
What differentiates them from failed traders is their attitude toward risk. They face it confidently. Even though they experience a loss, it never settles in their minds because if that happens then it will immediately turn into negative thoughts every time they are about to make a forex trading transaction. Negative thoughts like that often hinder one’s success.

The easiest example: is loss of experience causes a trader to be afraid to make transactions again. Even though it could be that the analysis is correct and the potential for profit is far greater than the risk of loss.

Think that you will become a successful forex trader. But remember: being confident doesn’t mean being reckless or arrogant. Confidence will be formed from knowledge, experience, and the ability to think positively.

Do the best you can. Positive thinking is a small initial step but the impact is enormous.
Just prove it yourself.

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